Our main SUP Tour is the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. We are on the border of the reserve, at the end of the road in Mal Pais. There couldn’t be a more exciting and exhilarating place to paddle, the views inside the reserve are incredible. We can paddle up to five miles into the reserve, depending on your skill level and physical ability. Even a short paddle into the Reserve is breath taking. Just a half mile into the Reserve you will see the Tip of the Peninsula which features the “Cabo Blanco Island”, which can only be seen by water, not from land.
Paddle boarding in the the famous Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve is an experience you won’t soon forget. It is one of the most fascinating coast lines in all of Costa Rica. It has a rich history. There’s no better way to experience the reserve than on a paddle board. We will educate you about the history of the reserve and anything else you would like to know about the area.

SUP Wave Riding Clinics
The Nicoya Peninsula is filled with a variety of great surf breaks for all levels. If you’re an intermediate or advanced SUP wave rider, and want to enjoy the perfect and uncrowded waves on the Nicoya Peninsula, come and visit us!! With over 20 years surfing experience in the area, we’ll take you to the best and most uncrowded breaks in the area, and help you work on your game!!
Here on the Nicoya Peninsula, we are blessed with consistent waves year round, and a variety of surf breaks to choose from. On any given day you can score fun waves. We have a wide variety of breaks as well, from peaky beach breaks, fun little reefs, out reefs all over the place, some point breaks, and a few reef passes as well.
We have a West Side, and an East Side to the Peninsula, and when the wind is howling onshore on one side, it’s offshore and clean on the other. With our 18 years experience surfing in Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, and all over the Peninsula, we will get you into the best waves on any given day. We also have quite a few secret spots left around the area— tricks up our sleeves.

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